Merit and Need Based Optimization and Allocation Tool

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Manboat Analytic Platform

MANBOAT (Merit and Need Based Optimization and Allocation Tool) is a cloud based machine learning enabled platform for grant optimization, tuition discounting and enrollment yield improvement.

Enrollment Yield Improvement

Individualized approach along with a systematic analysis of enrollment markers enable universities to address recruitment and budgetary concerns to acquire best talent pool. Our scalable machine learning approach exploits each stage of the enrollment in depth to drive yield improvement.

Grant Optimization

Universities can avoid overfunding and underfunding of students. MANBOAT helps institutions minimize cost over-runs and reduce soft deposits and summer melt.

Tuition Discounting

Unique and innovative multi-stage machine learning framework to determine optimal prospect thresholds. We bring a sophisticated process and analytical rigor to deliver bottom-line improvement.

Our Goal

Elevate Strategic Enrollment Management and improve Net Tuition Revenue through forward thinking Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling.

Our Process

We utilize enrollment data and enterprise information to create knowledge and process that drive change.

Data Assessment

  • Understand data, underlying characteristics, assumptions, data variables etc
  • Assess system, business processes and conduct data diagnostics
  • Identify high level opportunities and challenges
  • Provide preliminary recommendations and develop project engagement approach


  • Summarize and explore data in depth
  • Reduce number of variables to meaningful set utilizing appropriate statistical techniques
  • Construct scenarios, solution variations to test ideas and behavior patterns
  • Data sources are scattered across the enterprise and access to them is a common challenge


  • Multivariate non-linear, non-parametric analysis to determine best fit model solutions
  • Analyze optimal scenarios for scalability and flexibility and client feedback
  • Test solution for efficiency, errors, reliability and redundancy
  • Drive optimal solutions to root cause analysis results


  • Partner with client to roll out solution and new business process, if needed
  • Implement solution in live business environment and monitor, track performance
  • Fine tune model based on business results and feedbacks
  • Ongoing maintenance of solution to reflect ever changing business requirements

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Our Work

We provide institutional specific predictive analytics services and solutions for higher education and help our clients create and drive innovation.

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